Why You Should Upgrade From A Window Air Conditioner

A window unit is a small air conditioner that is installed in an open window. It works through a fan that blows air over an evaporator, cooling the interior air. Being a sealed unit from factory, it cannot be regassed and in most circumstances, it also cannot be repaired. Split system air conditioners on the other hand, are easily repaired and regassed and can also make a worthwhile investment for your property. New technology means that split system air conditioners are a much better option in terms of being quieter and also more efficient.

Being made of one unit only, a window air conditioner has the compressor within instead of in a separate unit outside, which is the reason why they are so noisy. Because a split system air conditioner has the compressor in a separate unit that sits outside, it is much quieter.

If you decide to keep your window box unit, it can be cleaned by removing the internal box within its holding frame which can help cooling efficiency if blocked up. Once the unit has been steam cleaned (removing any mould growth), it would then be reinstalled. This would normally cost around $250 to have a steam clean on the air conditioner in Brisbane.

For more on split system air conditioners or steam cleaning options for window air conditioners, call Aussie Air Conditioning on 1300 76 06 07.

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