MyAir Series 5 Touch Screen Advantage Air MyAir Series 5

The 8-inch colour touch screen does double duty as an Android home hub. Connected to the Internet, it lets you
check the weather, the family calendar, email, play music, order groceries, monitor energy usage....

Have your room exactly the way you like it by adjusting the airflow from 5% to 100%. Want even more precise control?
Upgrade to temperature sensors in every room. How MyAir makeshome the ultimatecomfort zone. Comfort is feeling totally in control – so MyAir gives you 10 zones and the power to adjust the airflow to every room. Comfort is being surrounded
by people who make you laugh – so MyAir’s control panel lets you Facebook, email and watch crazy cat videos on YouTube. Comfort is reliability – so MyAir’s components are made in Australia.

Keeps your energy bills more comfortable by automatically reducing the airflow to empty rooms. When you walk back in,
airflow returns to your chosen setting. 10 ZONES Each room is zoned individually so you can save energy by only running
the air-con in rooms you are using.

Control the system from the comfort of your bed or couch; the MyAir App allows most smartphones or tablets to become a wireless remote control (Apple iOS7+ and Android V4+)
MyAir 5 App for additonal control If getting off the couch to adjust the air-con seems like too much effort, don’t. MyAir comes with its own app that effectively turns most smartphones or tablets in your house into a wireless remote control. It works through your home Wi-Fi network on both Apple and Android devices (iOS7+ and Android V4+).Intuitive tech Like all the best tablets, MyAir Series 5’s control panel is simple and intuitive to use. The entire system is designed to be technophobe-friendly. The home screen displays all your options – simply tap on what you want to do and follow the prompts. For example, when you tap on Zones every room in the house will be displayed. You can then increase or decrease the airflow to any room by tapping the + or – button next to it. Rooms with optional Individual Temperature Control sensors will display temperature while others display airflow %. We’ve even included a Help button in theunlikely event you need it.Feel comfortable using the latest technology.The home screen gives you an overview of the air-conditioning status. Adjust the central temperature from this screen, or tap through to zones to fine-tune theairflow to every room.

MyAir Series 5’s new 8-inch colour touchscreen is designed to be a complete home hub. The air-conditioning home screen displays the air-conditioning essentials: whether the system is set to heating or cooling, the set temperature and fan speed. However with a touch of the Android icon, it switches to your other apps where you can check your email, play music, do the grocery shop, Google recipes, even Facebook while you cook. You may also wish to connect your security and home automation systems.The touchscreen is connected to the Internet, so it never needs recharging and it never goes missing in action! As everything from ordering school lunches to paying bills migrates online, having a dedicated tablet for the home makes everyday life a little more comfortable.One touch takes you to the zone controls, where you decide how much air goes where. Your control panel doubles as an Android home hub – permanently powered and always there when you need it.Ultimate control is in your hands.Feel perfectly comfortable with more precise airflow control Comfort is having everything exactly the way you like it. With MyAir Series 5, you decide which rooms receive conditioned air and exactly how much. Using the touch screen or MyAir 5 app, you can adjust the airflow to any room from 5% to 100% output, in precise 5% increments. As everyone can customise the airflow to their room, there are no “Turn it up, turn it down” arguments. You can have your room, your way. Now that’s got to make you
feel more comfortable!
MyAir Series 5 can give you this level of control because of our unique Australian Design Mark
awarded damper system.

MyAir Series 5

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