Queensland State Government Rebate and Peak Smart Incentive 1st January 2018

Here at Aussie Airconditioning we know putting in a new Air Conditioner can be a bit expensive. However, with the exciting new $300 rebate the Queensland Government are offering is going to help reduce that bill.

As of the 1st of January 2018, the Queensland state government introduced a rebate to incentivise customers to install energy efficient products like Fridges, washing machines and air conditioning. This means if you install a 4 or 5 Star energy Efficient aircon you are entitled to claim $300 back which will reduce the cost of buying your new system.

With this rebate you can essentially buy a Panasonic model air conditioner for the price of a standard and save more money in the long run with your energy bills. With a 4 or 5 Star Air Conditioner it is predicted you will save a $135 per year.

Not only are you entitled to the State Government Rebate you are also entitled to the Energex Peak Smart Rebate. The rebate for installing a Peak Smart device is $100 for smaller split systems and $200 for larger systems. In total this brings the rebate up to $400 for small splits and $500 for large.

With the predicted January heatwaves, it couldn’t be a better time to install that new air conditioner you have been wanting to install and beat the summer heat expected here in Brisbane.


All Queensland residents are entitled to 1 rebate per household. This means you are only able to receive the rebate for 1 fridge, washing machine or air Conditioner.

Buyer must also keep proof of purchase and be able to show this documentation to be able to receive the rebate

What Air Conditioners are Eligible: Panasonic 2.5kw, 3.5Kw and 5Kw Deluxes TKR Air Conditioners

Any Air Conditioner that has a minimum of 4 Star Energy Rating. This includes ducted, split systems and window units. However portable air conditioners do not apply.

New Install or Replacing Existing? doesn’t matter whether your replacing an older Air Conditioner or a complete new system the rebate does apply. If you Existing Air Conditioner is getting old and not running as well as it should be now is the perfect time to look at upgrading.

When will this rebate end? The State Government have allowed $20 million for this scheme. The scheme will end when this amount has run out. To guarantee the rebate we recommend acting fast!

Why was the rebate implemented? The rebate has been put in place to help the national grid when it comes to peak season with everyone running their aircons. By Having energy efficient appliances your household will not chew as much power for the grid.

The rebate also helps Queensland residents decrease their power bills and gives you more control when it comes to decreasing bills and power consumption.

What is the Energex Peak Smart Device?

The Energex Peak smart is a Device installed in a Peak Smart Suitable Air Conditioning. Its Purpose is to all Energex to send a signal remotely that tells the air conditioner to Cap its energy consumption. This is only used during peak season and when the demand is high, it would only occur a couple of times during the year.

How do I participate in the Energex Peak Smart Promotion?

Here at Aussie Air Conditioning we are all about Energy Efficiency and Have these devices readily on hand to install with your new Air Conditioner. Making the process simple and convenient, all you have to do is install and then claim your reward and forget all about the device.

For any questions relating to which air conditioners apply for the government rebate and which air conditioner is Peak Smart Suitable talk to our friendly staff and we can point you in the right direction. Don’t miss out on these fantastic rebates contact us today!

Elegible Air Conditioners For Government Rebates Queensland.



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