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Advantage Air our Ducting Supplier, has long had a reputation for air-conditioning innovation. However we are well aware that unless our technology is easy to embrace and intuitive to use, our long list of patents, registered designs, trademarks and design marks mean nothing.

The system is engineered to give you exceptional control over airflow, and therefore comfort levels and energy usage. Yet you interface with it through a deceptively simple colour touch screen or an iPod, iPad or iPhone. MyAir is designed to make everyone feel comfortable embracing the latest technology.

  • Superior 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • Stylish, intutive user interface
  • Option of energy-saving motion sensors
  • 10 zones for flexibility and energy efficiency
  • Adjust the airflow to any room from 5 -100%
  • MyAir app for smartphones and tablets
  • Option of temperature sensors
  • Option of fresh air
  • Compatible with major air-conditioning brands

Australian designed, owned and manufactured

Advantage Air MyAir Series 5 Zone Controller



MyAir Series 5


Advantage Air have released the new MyAir 5. Turn your smart phone or tablet into a remote control. Motion sensors optimise comfort and energy use. How thoughtful.

Personalise the airflow to each room.




With MyAir 5 you not only control which rooms receive conditioned air, you can control how much air they receive. MyAir lets you adjust the airflow to each room in precise 10% increments so you can achieve your optimum comfort level. It’s your room, at your preferred temperature with MyAir 5.

More Zones Equal More Control.

MyAir has been designed to help you stay comfortable as energy efficiently as possible. One of the easiest ways to minimise your power consumption is to only run the air-conditioning in the room or rooms you are using. As MyAir divides your home into up to 10 zones, allowing each room to be zoned individually, you can choose precisely which rooms receive conditioned air. Opting for the standard 4 or 5 zone system can turn out to be a false economy if you end up having to group several rooms in each zone and air-condition empty rooms.

As air-conditioning compressors operate independently of zone control systems, there is the danger that if too many zones are closed air pressure can build up and damage the ductwork in the ceiling. Traditional systems avoid this problem by having a dump or constant zone that cannot be closed. The problem is this zone (which can occupy up to 25% of a home) receives air whether the room is being used or not.

MyAir overcomes the issue of the wasteful constant zone by allowing pre-selected temporary dump zones, that only opens when needed. The front display of the touch screen will always tell you which zones are open and which room you have currently selected to be used as a dump zone.
Option - Turn your Smart Phone into a remote control.

Upgrades: your MyAir 5 to include the MyAir app and your iPad, iPhone or iPod automatically becomes a remote control; giving you all of the functionality of your touch screen at your fingertips.

The MyAir control panel looks like a small iPad and is just as intuitive to use. It helps you control energy usage by revealing at a glance which rooms are receiving air and how much. The screen will prompt you to save energy by asking you to close off the airflow to rooms that are not in use.

To open and close zones, adjust airflow, schedule in programs or adjust the fan speed, you simply tap the corresponding button on the screen and follow the displayed options.

Please Contact Us for Design, Options to suit your needs. Thank you !

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