Why Not To Use The Builder For Ducted Air Conditioning In Brisbane


Builders as part of their building options always offer Central Ducted Air Conditioning as a part of their build to clients.  Most builders are always at least 25% more expensive than a contractor such as Aussie Air Conditioning in Brisbane. Builders doing Ducted Air Conditioning also offer only the brand that they want to sell and zoning systems which in most cases are very basic.  At Aussie Air Conditioning we pride ourselves on offering as many options as the client requires with the latest Brands for reliability and effiency.  Panasonic and Dakin Air Conditioning systems are our top sellers also the most competitive price, zoning is also a very important aspect so we use Advantage Air for this. Advantage air in Brisbane offer the latest technology with the Myair 5 Systems which allows you to have individual temperature control in each room. This system also allows you to nominate a master temperature to reduce running costs in a curtain area of the home, not just one location in the return grille where most systems are.

Having a system installed after the building is complete is always an option only for a lowset home, if the home is two levels then a retro fit for Ducted Air Conditioning is always a better option for pre-running flexible pipes through the frame work to the lower levels.  If a builder does not give you the option of a retro fit for ducted air conditioning at frame stage then this is misleading you to use their own contractor.  You own the land and as we are QBBC licensed your contract allows us to do a rough in and come onto the building site as the site is handed over for a day for the retro ducted air conditioning system to be installed.  Once sheeted we come back for a second visit to fit of the ducted air conditioning system.


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