Solax Seraphim Tier 1 Poly Solar Panels With Solax 5kw Inverter With Wifi Monitoring Fully Installed Brisbane Area QLD

Seraphim SRP-6PB

This entry level 5kw Solar Power system is an ideal package to suit a residential home with an affordable budget.

Regular Price $4999.00
$3999.00 inc. GST
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Seraphim Tier 1 Poly Solar Panels With Solax 5kw Inverter With Wifi Monitoring Fully Installed Brisbane Area QLD

Fully Installed Solar Power System Brisbane Area QLD. Installation based on a low set home with easy flat access for vehicle, large roof cavity, standard pitched roof, up to date switch board and a site visit is required prior to ordering.

Price is fully installed from $3999 Incl GST T&C's apply.


18 x 275 watt Seraphim Tier 1 panels
Solax 5 Kw Boost Inverter, including free WiFi


Seraphim positions itself as a leader in the solar industry not only in leading-edge product performance, but also in manufacturing equipment, quality control, and customer service. Seraphim strives to meet all of clients’ expectations by utilizing fully automated manufacturing facilities, advanced quality control system, and self-developed fully transparent quality management system. Seraphim’s highly automated production lines enable them to supply modules with high quality, fast delivery and at a low cost.

Safety Benefits
Safety for salt mist corrosion (IEC61701, tested in Intertek)
Safety for ammonia corrosion (IEC62716, tested in TÜV SÜD)
Safety for fire risk (Class C, tested in TÜV SÜD and Rheinland)

PID free products, passing TÜV SÜD system voltage durability test
World 1st company to pass “Thresher Test” and “On-site Power Measurement Validation” certificate
Bankable products

Advanced glass and solar cell surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environments
100% In-line Electroluminescence (EL) tested during production process ensures modules are high quality
Top rank in Photon yield measurement


The SolaX vision is to be a world leader in the development, production and distribution of solar inverters. The product range incorporates the very latest in solar innovation thanks to the continued focus on R&D and unceasing commitment to pushing back the boundaries of what is possible – a journey that has led to the launch of the ground-breaking X-Hybrid solar energy storage system.

More than just an inverter, the innovative X-Hybrid is an intelligent energy storage management system that stores surplus energy in batteries for later use. The X-Hybrid is the leading energy storage inverter on the market today, these are compatible with most battery storage solutions.

Use Solar Energy 24/7
Enjoy the benefits of solar energy production 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our integrated smart energy management system manages the energy use throughout the day, detecting when there’s excess power and storing it for use at night.

Charge Batteries From Grid
With our AC charging unit, you can store energy from the grid when it is cheap and run your home from the batteries when rates go up. Charge from grid settings can be controlled from a user-friendly and intuitive app on your smart phone.

Control From Cloud
The AC-coupled X-Hybrid comes with enhanced control features. A new platform for system aggregation that will allow for multiple installations to be controlled remotely is currently under development.
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