Air Conditioning Manufacturers Changing To R32 Refrigerant

HCFC22 (also known as R22) is the dominant refrigerant for air conditioning applications worldwide. Its use is also increasing in developing countries, particularly India and China, where air conditioning sales are growing an estimated 20% annually. HCFC22, however, is an ozone depleting substance with a High Global Warming Potential (GWP) and efforts are being made to phase it out.

In accordance with the Montreal Protocol, the use of HCF22 has been reducing in developed countries since 2004 and being replaced with newer refrigerants with lower GWP. These newer refrigerants include R32, HFO 1234yf and HFO blends, Ammonia (R717), Propane (R290) and CO2 (R744) and all vary across four key criteria of Environment, Energy Efficiency, Safety and Economy.

Air conditioning manufacturers have considered these refrigerants in terms of the four criteria and determined that R32 is the optimum choice. The main benefits include:

- Zero Ozone depletion
- 1/3 the GWP of HFC 410A
- Superior energy efficiency
- High refrigeration capacity & thermal conductivity
- Low pressure drop
- Single component refrigerant easy to handle conductivity
- Low pressure drop
- Single component refrigerant easy to handle and recover
- Low toxicity
- Readily available (R32 is used in the manufacture of R410A which is blend of 50% R32 & 50% R125

The primary concern with R32 is the flammability. As a trade-off for being a low GWP refrigerant, it has a higher flammability than the traditional HCFC22. According to the International Standard for Refrigerant Designation and Safety Classification however, R32 is only “mildly flammable” or “lower flammability”.

For more information about the new R32 refrigerant or where you can find a Brisbane air conditioning supplier who uses the new refrigerant, please call Aussie Air Conditioning on 1300 76 06 07.

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