Panasonic brings slim-line style to award-winning Air Conditioning with new Aero Series


Enjoy the latest slim, stylish design in your home or apartment, with Panasonic’s sleek new ‘Aero Series’ Air Conditioners – the latest in Panasonic’s popular range.

The Panasonic Aero Series features a new slim design and is narrower in depth, projecting less from the wall to blend more subtly with home interiors. This new styling has seen Panasonic receive an IF Design Awardi in Europe. The unit features an elegant gloss white finish and gently rounded horizontal panel with two tapered sides.

To complement its attractive design, the Aero Series provides comfort and peace of mind with controlled airflow, purified healthy air and smart energy savings. The new Air Conditioner range includes both reverse-cycle and cooling-only models.

Trusted brand


A trusted brand with Australian consumers, Panasonic recently topped the industry in the 2017 Canstar Blue customer satisfaction review for Air Conditioning – rating five stars for overall satisfaction for the second year running. It also rated five stars with regards to reliability, functionality, ease of use, noise levels and value for money.

Joe De Bella, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Air Conditioning, Panasonic, said: “Our customers continue to show their confidence in the Panasonic Air Conditioning brand with this five star rating from Canstar Blueii.

“Our focus is on delivering a product that offers quality and durability, and keeps consumers comfortable and healthy in the home. Panasonic’s new slim-line Aero Series range is the perfect example of a product that encompasses all of our award winning qualities, so we’re confident it will be received well.”


Key features

  • Design: Slim design to complement new home and apartment installations
  • Comfort: Natural ‘Shower Cooling’ or ‘Fast Cooling’ as required
  • Health: nanoe-G eliminates micro-organisms to enhance indoor air qualityiii
  • ECONAVI: ECONAVI technology intelligently adjusts heating and cooling for energy savingsiv

Chill out with Aerowings

The ‘Aerowings’ blades on the new Panasonic Aero Series control the airflow to provide ‘Shower Cooling’, which directs cool air across the ceiling to shower down naturally, spreading over a wider area of a room and minimising any uncomfortable direct airflow chill. When ‘Fast Cooling’ is required, the blades direct airflow downwards, delivering concentrated cool air the moment the air conditioner is switched on.

A cleaner home environment

For those concerned about bacteria and allergens in the home, Panasonic’s revolutionary nanoe-G air purifying feature enhances indoor air quality. nanoe-G eliminates micro-organisms – removing 99 percent of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould. It also catches and deactivates 99 percent of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the filter, resulting in a cleaner and healthier home.

The air purifying feature works hand in hand with the Mild Dry Cooling function, which reduces the unwanted side-effects of air conditioning, such as dry skin and mouths, by maintaining the level of air moisture in the room.

Outstanding energy efficiency with ECONAVI

ECONAVI technology uses multiple intelligent sensors – including human activity, sunlight and temperature – to automatically adapt heating and cooling power according to room conditions. With just one touch of a button, customers can reduce energy use by up to 45 percentv on heating mode and up to 38 percentvi on cooling mode.

  • Absence detection technology: Maximises energy efficiency by detecting and learning when movement in the room occurs
  • Area search technology: Directs air flow to the area of the room where people are located
  • Sunlight detection technology: Detects sunlight intensity and adjusts cooling power accordingly
  • Temperature wave: Uses input from other sensors to moderate the temperature, effectively balancing energy savings and comfort

Reverse Cycle temperature for every season

The ECONAVI range offers up to 9.0kW heating and 8.0kW cooling, meaning Australian homes can stay comfortable all year round. Heating is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing –15°C outside, with cooling effective up to a sweltering +46°C.

Panasonic Aero Series ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter (Z Series)

Model number Star rating
Star rating
CS/CU-Z25TKR 5 5.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-Z35TKR 4 4.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-Z42TKR 3 3 Aug 17  
CS/CU-Z50TKR 4 4.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-Z60TKR 3 3.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-Z71TKR 2.5 3 Aug 17  
CS/CU-Z80TKR 2 2.5 Aug 17  

Panasonic Aero Series Reverse Cycle Inverter (RZ Series)

Model number Star rating
Star rating
CS/CU-RZ25TKR 2.5 3.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-RZ35TKR 2.5 3 Aug 17  
CS/CU-RZ50TKR 2 2.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-RZ60TKR 1.5 2 Aug 17  
CS/CU-RZ71TKR 1.5 2.5 Aug 17  
CS/CU-RZ80TKR 1.5 2 Aug 17  

Panasonic Aero Series Cooling Only Inverter (U Series)

Model number Star rating
Availability RRP
CS/CU-U25TKR 3.5 Aug-17  
CS/CU-U35TKR 3 Aug-17  
CS/CU-U50TKR 3 Aug-17  
CS/CU-U71TKR 2 Aug-17  
CS/CU-U80TKR 1.5 Aug-17

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