Heatwave to Hit Queensland Early February

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As things were starting to cool down here in QLD we all were surprised to see summer come and go so quickly, however this is just the calm before the heat comes with force.

It has been predicted that we will see temperatures upwards to 40 degrees in the days to come, with no relief to be seen. Overnight temperatures will be seen to be up to 8 degrees Celsius higher that usual and there have been warning issues to keep an eye on our Family, Friends and Pets who are more vulnerable to these higher heat conditions. 

The Queensland Ambulance Service is Warning that people could suffer from heat/ sun inflicted illness if they do not take the necessary precautions such as drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, wearing cool clothing and avoiding the sun where possible. The possible symptoms to look out for in heat inflicted illness is dizziness, nausea/ vomiting, fainting, excessive sweating and fatigue.

With the Excessive heat, it is inevitable that your air conditioner will be running harder to cool the area down to the same temperature, there is a couple of things you can do to help you’re a/c to run smoothly and decrease the amount of power consumption.

  • Keep unnecessary areas blocked/ closed off to limit the space the air conditioner is trying to cool.

  • Keep Windows/ Blinds closed to reduce the sunlight coming through and heating the room, as glass windows magnify heat.

  • Ensuring your filters are clean, helps the efficiency as well as the air flow

  • Ensure your drains are free of blockage to ensure your unit doesn’t over heat and leak water.

  • Check for insects/ ants as this is one of the largest causes for damaged air conditioners, perhaps place pellets to keep the creepy crawly’s away.

  • Keep your air conditioner at a reasonable temperature – recommended between 22 and 24 degrees. Running your air conditioner at a reasonable temperature for a longer period of time is far more efficient then running your unit at a low temperature for a short blast of time.

  • If your Air Conditioner has an Economy mode, now is the time to take full advantage of this particular setting.

  • You can help move the cold air around with a ceiling fan on low settings.

  • Turn your air conditioner on when the room is still at a reasonable temperature, instead of waiting until its hot. Your system works better at keeping a space cool rather than working hard to cool the room down.


Due to the Heatwave here at Aussie Airconditioning, we are running a special for the Month of February Only.

  1. A 2.5kw Panasonic Split CS/CU-RZ25TKR installed based on a back to back on the ground floor $1339 incl gst

  1. A 7.1kw Panasonic Split System CS/CU-RZ71TKR installed based on a back to back on the ground floor $2470 incl gst – this includes a dedicated circuit back to ground floor.

We also have a 24-minute sale on our website homepage for Supply Only Units, discounted further.

Contact Aussie Airconditioning today to book in for your new A/C unit to be installed or a more detailed quote.


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