Aussie Air Conditioning Steps Into Commercial Refrigeration Sector For Brisbane Qld Areas.

Oliver Freeman the owner of Aussie Air Conditioning Pty Ltd Founded in 2004 with the first online Air Conditioning based Company where you could purchase an air conditioner online with price lists,  is making the move to create the same concept with Refrigeration services, break downs for Brisbane and the greater region.

With his strategic forward thinking his Company is constantly moving with the times trying to create innovative ways to make the whole experience easier for the client when booking a break down or service for refrigeration equipment within a restaurant, bar, café environment where speed is a vital role with good, clear customer service.

He says knowing clear prices at the start is essential when gaining the trust of the client so they know exactly what costs are involved creating a clear understanding of the job.  If the client is informed step by step with transparent understanding of the job this makes the whole experience comfortable for the client and the refrigeration technician and thus the smooth operation of the business.

Creating a website giving the customer up front prices is an important part of an online business especially with the mobile devices we all now use.  Most Prices can be based on standard equipment installed in restaurant, bar and cafe situations, this can be compiled along with call out fees and hourly rates adding the most common parts required.

With this information given to the customer he or she has basic knowledge of the cost involved and can make a clear decision on booking in a service for a refrigeration problem.

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