Air Conditioning Standard Set Temperature For Cooling In Brisbane Qld Now Set To Be 26 Degrees


Air conditioning 26 degrees: Power restriction plan to affect all Queenslanders this summer




HOUSEHOLDS and businesses may be told to restrict air conditioner use and have power switched off on some hardwired appliances under plans to prevent blackouts during heatwaves this summer.


The Courier-Mail can reveal the Palaszczuk Government has flicked the switch on a blueprint to enforce a suite of extraordinary measures after being warned summer electricity use would hit a new record.


Under the Summer Preparedness Plan drawn up by the Government’s Energy Security Taskforce, households and business could be told to set air conditioners to 26 degrees.


Power for hot water services and pool pumps on controlled-load tariffs may switched off and rerouted during times of peak demand, while businesses may be told to turn off advertising lights and prevent any other non-essential electricity use.


“During a heatwave, residents may be asked to manage electricity network stress by changing air conditioners to 26 degrees or above and using cooling only in occupied rooms during peak hours,” the plan states.


“This helps us manage demand and mitigate the risk of load-shedding occurring.


“Workplaces may be asked to use Airconditioning at 26 degrees only in occupied spaces, avoid using advertising lights and other non-essential lighting, and turn off non-essential electrical equipment.”


Why do your power bills keep going up?


Energy Minister Mark Bailey last night told The Courier-Mail that Queensland had one of the nation’s most secure power supplies but it was important to be vigilant.


“We can’t change the fact that Queensland will continue to have heatwaves and extreme weather events and, while we cannot predict every risk scenario, the taskforce has presented a way forward for the short and medium-term,” he said.


The plan predicts Queensland’s peak demand will hit record 9790 megawatts this summer and efforts to maximise available power sources will ensure up to 11,445MW of electricity is available.


It comes after Queensland was left with just 548MW of generation in reserve during a heatwave in February when peak demand hit a record 9369MW.


“The lessons from this event and other more momentous events interstate have helped inform this plan,” the taskforce report said.


The state’s generation fleet has already been ordered to fast-track maintenance to maximise capacity.


Transmission and distribution networks have also been told to schedule preventive works before the heat hits.


Along with directing Stanwell to bring its mothballed 385MW gas-fired station back online, a further 140MW of renewable capacity has also been added to the system for this summer.


Taskforce chair Terry Effeney said the plan tackled short-term risks that had been identified.


“The plan ensures the state’s transmission, state interconnector assets and distribution network are going to be ready for the summer,” Mr Effeney said.


“The plan outlines how the state’s increasingly diverse mix of electricity will improve resilience to power system risks such as heatwaves and natural disasters, or unforeseen system failures.”




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