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Aussie Air Conditioning was one of the only few and first Companies to ever have an online air conditioning price list as well as installation, design, price and cost.  Giving the customer up front prices was a very important factor when I started Aussie Air Conditioning as I found that looking on the internet for any air conditioning deal there was not a single website that gave this information.  When we designed the original site keeping the site simple was also important as there are so many sites today with a lot going on where it is easy to get lost and confused.  Since the beginning we have now revamped our website over 5 times during the course of 13 years with new innovative ideas and one of these ideas was adding the features of Ac Wizard.

AC Wizard is the first mobile device quoting system for air conditioning for the design of ducted air conditioning as well as wall splits. How the system works is using a floor plan upload where we ask our customers to email their floor plan which we can upload into the app. This allows us to do a design for the customer depending on their requirements and have the quote back to them the same day with all current information such as Brand of air conditioner, Zone Control system, Flexible duct lengths, diffusers, Zone boxes, Return Grilles, Layout, location of equipment and price.

Aquitard is the new generation of calculating area of air conditioned space.

Bringing the two concepts together one being the online air conditioning website with up to date air conditioners on the market and prices, and an app that can design and calculate the area required for Air conditioning is the perfect solution. 

Do this on the go anytime, anywhere. No more staying back late to manually work through repetitive quotes each night. Save time, eliminate paperwork and boost your sales. AC Wizard gives you back control so that you can concentrate on the more important areas of your business while standing out from your competitors.

AC Wizard Desktop Computer and AC Wizard Laptop/Notebook Computer

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