Air Conditioning Installers Licence & The Law



A refrigeration mechanic has to complete a 4 year apprentice to install all types of air conditioners and gains detailed knowledge of all types of installations.  He or she learns all the skills required for installing Ducted air conditioning systems and wall split air conditioners.  To install these systems  they must hold a QBBC licence and supply you with a QBBC contract otherwise they are trading illegally, this must also include an arktic refrigeration license

Aussie Air Conditioning specialise in the air conditioning industry specialising in every aspect and giving you the correct advise and installation.  A sparky ( Electrician ) can do a 3 day course and then be licensed to install splits only NOT DUCTED air conditioning, he is skilled as an electrician and not installing or giving you advise on air conditioning. So who would you use ? Every day we receive calls that a client has an issue with their air conditioner and 9 times out of 10 the aircon was installed by a sparky. I have seen some of the worst installations which if installed by a refrigeration mechanic would of not had any issues with gas leaking, water pooring out of head unit Etc.  At the end of the day sparkys should keep to what they do in there working industry and leave the air conditioning installations by us air conditioning mechanics.

Without it they may be operating illegally, so always ask to see their licence before they begin their work. A Refrigerant Handling Licence must be held by any person who carries out work in relation to refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) equipment. Carrying out work in relation to RAC equipment means to do anything with a fluorocarbon refrigerant, or a component of RAC equipment, that carries the risk of refrigerant being emitted, including: decanting the refrigerant or manufacturing, installing, commissioning, servicing or maintaining RAC equipment or decommissioning RAC equipment. Handling fluorocarbon refrigerant without a Refrigerant Handling Licence is an offence. National regulations are in place which affect people who acquire, possess, dispose of or handle ozone depleting substances or synthetic greenhouse gases.

You can enter a technician's licence number and surname and the search facility will advise you if the licence is current on the Artic website. If the licence is current, the search will also tell you what type of licence the technician holds, so you can always know if they are the right person for the job you need done. The tick identifies a business or individual as being authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioner

Required Qualifications for a refrigeration licence (RAC) & QBCC Contract to do Air Conditioning Installations.


  • Successful completion of an Apprenticeship as a Refrigeration Mechanic e.g. Proficiency Certificate; or
  • Trade Recognition Certificate: Refrigeration Mechanic; or
  • Trade Certificate with a Trade Outcome of Refrigeration Mechanic and evidence of industry experience; or
  • MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade (Refrigeration and Air conditioning); or
  • UEE32211 Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air conditioning; or
  • UEE42711 Certificate IV in Air conditioning and Refrigeration Servicing; or
  • UEE42811 Certificate IV in Air conditioning Systems Energy Management and Control; or
  • UEE42911 Certificate IV in Refrigeration and Air conditioning Systems; or
  • UEE50311 Diploma of Electrical and Refrigeration and Air conditioning; or
  • UEE51211 Diploma of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering; or
  • UEE62511 Advanced Diploma of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering; or
  • MEM30298 Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical – Refrigeration and Air conditioning; or
  • UEE31307 Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air conditioning; or
  • UEE31306 Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air conditioning; or
  • UTE30999 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Refrigeration and Air conditioning.

Scope of work

  • Install, commission, service or repair refrigeration, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building
  • Design and prepare plans and specifications for:
    • refrigeration systems for a building, or
    • air conditioning and mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building:
      • that is not more than 3 storeys, and
      • that has a floor area of not more than 2000m², and
      • for which the plant capacity for any 1 system for the building is not more than 34kW
      • that do not form part of a fire or smoke hazard management system for the building
    • but, only if the plans and specifications are:
      • for the licensee's personal use, or
      • for use in building work to be performed by the licensee personally.








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