A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for your Home - Brisbane Climate

Trying to decide on an air conditioning unit in your home is not always easy, there are countless units on the marker here in Brisbane.

That is why here at Aussie Airconditioning our staff are all trained in helping you decide on the most suited unit for your home meeting all your requirements. Also as a customer you do not need to pay for a technician to come out to your home to provide you with some advice and a quotation. This can be done online with just a few simple questions.


In this Article we will break down the several factors that come in to play while choosing your air conditioner.


Size of Room

Whether a small bedroom or a large open plan living area, choosing the right size system is very important, not just in heating and cooling effectively but also your unit’s energy efficiency. By choosing and installing a unit that is too small the system tries to work that bit harder to cool the room therefore using more power. We have a standard guide on what size air conditioner suits the room areas below:

  • A 2.5kw Wall Split Unit will heat and cool up to 20m2- suitable for a standard bedroom.

  • A 3.5kw Wall Split Unit will heat and cool up to 25m2- Suitable for large bedroom or office.

  • A 5kw Wall Split Unit will heat and cool up to 40m2- Suitable for a small lounge or rumpus room.

  • A 7kw Wall Split Unit will heat and cool up to 60m2- Suitable for a large lounge or open plan living.

 *Please note these room sizes are a guide and the area the unit can heat and cool can depend on the brand also. Our Aussie Airconditioning Team can guide you with picking the right size unit.


Air Conditioner Price

The cost of the Airconditioning unit and the charge to have that system installed plays a big part in deciding on a system for your home. That’s why at Aussie Airconditioning we only sell the best quality systems at an affordable price. We offer a competitive guarantee on our prices and if a competitor is found to be cheaper then let us know and we guarantee to beat it. We also have a 24-minute supply only sale on our website and those prices will not be beaten.


Air Conditioning Brands

 It is difficult to choose a brand especially when there is so many to choose from on the Brisbane market currently. When choosing brands we recommend doing research into

  • Warranties

  • Specifications

  • Certain Models

  • Features.

Our Aussie Team is trained to help you compare Aircon units to best fit your needs.


Air Conditioning Company

Choosing a reputable company to supply and install your new unit makes the process completely hassle free. You need to ensure to choose a licenses long standing company to ensure the quality install. We never suggest installing a unit yourself unless you are trained.

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