Panasonic 5.2kW Reverse Cycle Inverter Multi-Split System Outdoor (Up To 2 Rooms)


Panasonic Multihead Air Conditioner Outdoor unit perfect for connecting 2 indoor units when space is an issue for the outdoor area.

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5.2kW Reverse Cycle Inverter Multi-Split System Outdoor (Up To 2 Rooms)

Panasonic combines Inverter technology and Economy Mode* to create a powerhouse energy-saving product. These clever technologies benefit both the environment and your power bill, so your green intentions donít have to prevent you from living a comfortable life.
*Wall-mounted type only

Cleaner Healthier Air
As well as a cool, comfortable home, a Panasonic air conditioner provides the ultimate peace of mind with the Anti Bacterial Filter* to eliminate unwanted contaminants and make the air healthier for you and your family.

Quiet Operation
Panasonic systems are amongst the quietest in the world, so you can enjoy the comfort of running your air conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep. The outdoor unit is also very quiet which means you donít have to worry about keeping your neighbours up either.

Designed for Australian Conditions
Our air conditioning systems boast an outstanding operating temperature range. Cooling operation is possible even when it is a scorching +46ļC outside, which is perfect for Australiaís hot summer days and the heating operation is designed to operate even when itís a freezing -15ļC outside, so even the coldest parts of Australia are covered.
Built Tough to Last

Panasonic outdoor units are built to last in the harsh Australian environment. Internal components of the outdoor unit are coated with a special blue coating that protects the unit from the damaging effects of salty air, dust, wind and rain. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort plus extra economy over the long run.

You Can Count on Panasonic
Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure years of reliable comfort. We even back our reliability by offering a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.

The Secret to its Ability is Flexibility
Many air conditioners operate at one constant speed and need to constantly turn on and off to maintain a set temperature but Panasonic Inverter air conditioners have the flexibility to vary the rotation speed of the compressor, allowing them to use less energy to maintain the set temperature while also being able to cool and heat the room quicker at start up.

Reliable Comfort Comes From Reliable Technology
Through years of research, testing and product manufacture, Panasonic has the know-how to deliver air-conditioners you can rely on over many years and under a wide range of conditions.

A Panasonic air conditioner should be the hard-working hero you never notice. From noise measurements, to environmental performance and even operating ease, we repeatedly test our models to make sure they keep your home comfortable without ever intruding on your life.

We simulate continuous operation under the harshest of conditions, subject the outdoor units to wind and rain tests and then examine every mechanism to ensure are delivering a rugged product you can depend on for many years.

A Better Life, A Better World
Panasonic is committed to creating a better life and a better world, continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe. A global leader in air conditioning solutions with five decades of experience in the industry, our products are sold every day in over 120 countries around the world. We believe that the true value in air conditioning comes from extensive testing in reliability and uninterrupted operations that you can count on for years to come. Nothing compares to knowing that temperature-controlled comfort is always there to make you feel right at home.

Variety of indoor units:
- Wall Mounted
- Bulkhead Ducted
- Mini Cassette (4-Way)
- Ultra Slim Ducted

- 5.2kW Reverse Cycle Inverter Multi-Split System Outdoor
- 5.2kW cooling, 5.6kW heating
- Up to 2 rooms

5.2kW Reverse Cycle Inverter Multi-Split System Outdoor


5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
Pipe Length - 1 Room - Min. ~ Max. (m)
3 ~ 20
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg)
Outdoor Unit Dimensions W X H X D (mm)
824(+70) x 619 x 299
Heating Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
1.1 ~ 7.2
Cooling Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
1.5 ~ 6.0
Maximum Connectable Capacity (kW)
Maximum Connectable Indoor Units
Connectable Indoor Units
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