Panasonic 12.5kW Under Ceiling Reverse Cycle Inverter (3 Phase)

Indoor S-125PT2R5A Outdoor U-125PE1R8A

Designed for large open areas with discreet indoor unit mounted on the underside of the ceiling. Ideal for schools, shops, and commercial applications

12.5kW Under Ceiling Reverse Cycle Inverter (3 Phase)

Comfortable, Long-Distance Air Flow Distribution
The shape of the outlet has been optimised to provide long-distance air flow distribution - up to 13m of air flow distance for the 12.5kW Inverter Under Ceiling. Even in large areas, air flow reaches every corner of the space for exceptionally comfortable air conditioning.

Energy-Saving Technology Delivering Top-Class Efficiency
Optimisation of the shape of the casing and fan assures bigger air flow and higher efficiency. Energy-saving performance is top class in the industry.

ECONAVI senses the presence or absence of people and the level of activity in each area of a room. When unnecessary heating or cooling is detected, indoor units are individually controlled to match room conditions for energy-saving operation.

Compact Looking, Stylish, One-Motion Design
With its streamlined, one-motion form, the unit looks thin and compact when installed for a neat appearance in any room. When not operating, the louver closes to provide an elegant look while keeping the unit clean.


- 12.5kW cooling, 14.0kW heating
- Long distance air flow distribution
- Top class energy-saving performance


“Panasonic is the only air conditioning brand to have topped Canstar’s ratings three times! Once again we received a 5-star rating from Australian consumers, who are looking for energy efficient air conditioners.”
July 2017 - August 2016 - July 2014

“Panasonic has been rated 5 stars in Overall Customer Satisfaction for air conditioners, winning the Canstar Blue award for 2016.”


5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
Pipe Length - Min. ~ Max. (m)
5 ~ 75
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side / Gas Side (mm)
9.52 / 15.88
Sound Pressure Level - Indoor - Cooling- H / M / L (dB(A))
46 / 40 / 36
Air Volume - Indoor - Cool / Heat (L/s)
566 / 566
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg)
Weight - Indoor Unit (kg)
Outdoor Dimensions W X H X D (mm)
1416 x 940 x 340
Indoor Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
235 x 1590 x 690
Heating Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
4.1 ~ 16.0
Cooling Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
3.3 ~ 14.0
Electrical Voltage (V)
3 Phase
Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
S-125PT2R5A / U-125PE1R8A
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