Fujitsu 6.3kW Classic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Indoor Unit ASTG22LVCC Outdoor Unit AOTG22LVCC

Slim and lightweight in design these are ideal for both residential or commercial applications.

6.3kW Classic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Energy Efficient Systems
Need quick relief? Our Inverter air conditioners work more quickly and quietly. They can also handle greater extremes in temperature; and can be up to 30% more efficient and economical than conventional fixed speed units.

Economy Operation
The Classic Range’s Economy Operation is an energy saving setting that allows the set temperature of the indoor unit to change by one degree intervals, limiting the maximum energy usage of the air conditioner.

Clean, Filtered Air
The Classic Range’s filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air such as tobacco smoke and plant pollen that are too small to see. The filter contains catechin, highly effective against bacteria growth, creating a safer, cleaner home for the entire family.

- Up/Down swing louvre. The up/down louvre automatically swings up and down.
- Auto shut louvre. The auto shut louvres close or open automatically when the unit stops or starts.
- Auto restart. Should there be temporary loss of power; the unit will automatically restart itself in the same operating mode, once the power is restored.
- Program timer. This timer allows selection of one of four options. ON, OFF, ON > OFF, or OFF > ON.
- Economy mode. Limits the maximum operation current, and performs operation with the power consumption suppressed.
- Blue fin heat exchanger. Corrosion-resistance of the heat exchanger in coastal areas has been improved by blue fin treatment of the outdoor unit heat exchange.
- Automatic louvre. The position of the louvres is set automatically to match the operating mode. It is also possible to adjust the louvres using the remote control.
- Automatic air flow adjustment. When auto mode is selected for the fan, the micro-processor adjusts the airflow to follow changes in room temperature.
- Sleep timer. The micro-processor gradually changes the room temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.
- Washable panel. Unit has a washable panel
- All DCWith All DC, electricity loss is decreased and power consumption reduced.
- Auto-changeover. The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on the temperature setting and room temperature.


Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side / Gas Side (mm)
6.35 / 15.88
Refrigerant Type
Weight - Outdoor (kg)
Outdoor Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
620 × 790 × 290
Weight - Indoor (kg)
Indoor Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
293 × 790 × 225
Outdoor Sound Pressure - (dBA)
Indoor Sound Pressure (High / Quiet) - (dBA)
48 / 32
Running Current - Cool / Heat (A)
8.2 / 8.5
Star Rating - Cool / Heat
2.0 / 2.5
Heating Capacity - (kW)
Cooling Capacity - (kW)
Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
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