Daikin 2.5Kw Compact 4 Way Flow Cassette Ceiling Mounted Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Daikin Indoor FFQ25C2VEB Outdoor RXS25L3V1B

Designed to blend descreetly with modern decor, Daikin's Fully Flat Cassette features modern, iconic design with an elegant high quality finish.

2.5Kw Compact 4 Way Flow Cassette Ceiling Mounted Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Daikin’s Fully Flat Cassette is a powerful, efficient and discreet solution for commercial, retail and residential applications where both aesthetics and performance are paramount.

The Fully Flat Cassette combines the latest technology with innovative functions for high operating efficiency and user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.

Fully Integrated, Fully Discreet
The Fully Flat Cassette is a unique iconic design with an elegant white nish with a white decoration panel. The cassette blends in, resulting in a fully discreet unit.

Fully at with the ceiling
Daikin’s Fully Flat Cassette is the rst cassette that ts fully at with the ceiling, making the unit blend discreetly in the ceiling.

Fits ceiling tiles perfectly
The newly designed panel integrates fully within one ceiling tile enabling lights, speakers and sprinklers to be in stalled in the adjoining ceiling tiles.

Differentiated By Excellence
To ensure perfect interior comfort the Daikin Fully Flat Cassette can be fitted with an optional sensor linked to an advanced controller.

When there is nobody in the room, the presence sensor adjusts the set point or switches off the unit, avoiding unneccesary cooling or heating. When motion is detected the temperature is reset to its original setpoint ensuring perfect, energy efficient operation.

The sensor also adapts the direction of the air ow depending of where people are situated in the room, ensuring no draught and individual comfort at any time.

Because hot air rises, the natural temperature distribution in a room is for it to be warmer near the ceiling and cooler near the oor. The cassette’s ‘floor’ sensor detects the temperature difference and re-directs the air ow to ensure that the temperature distribution is even.

Top Efficiency Year-Round
Daikin’s Fully Flat Cassette delivers exceptional performance and ef ciency throughout the entire year. An optional presence sensor also helps deliver even greater operating efficiency

Air quality
The quality of the air in the room is as important as the temperature and we have tted advanced lters to help remove dust particles to ensure the air is clean.

Quiet comfort
The Fully Flat Cassette is one of the quietest units in the light commercial market and, in addition to the sensors, has various functions that are designed to enhance user comfort.


Power Supply
1 Phase, 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Refrigerant Type
Weight - Outdoor (kg)
Outdoor Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
550 × 765 × 285
Weight - Indoor (kg)
Indoor Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
260 × 575 × 575
Indoor Sound Pressure (H/M/L) - DBA
31 / 28.5 / 25
Heating Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
1.3 ~ 5.1
Cooling Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
1.4 ~ 4.0
Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
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