Central Ducted Air Conditioning Prices & Installation On A Day & Night Use System



When choosing a ducted system to suit your request, we take into consideration area size, general usage and overall energy efficiency of the system to provide you with a quality air conditioning solution to provide your home with cool, clean air during summer and warm, even heat during winter. Our ducted systems are ideal for multiple room use, and can incorporate zone selections if required. By separating your home into zones you will reduce your ongoing running expenses by being able to turn off/on separate areas to conserve energy expenditure when desired.

Zone configurations need careful consideration and must be confirmed prior to installation.

When choosing the size of the ducted air conditioning system, this depends on how you are using the system and the size of the area you are wanting to cool/heat. Many clients use a system referred to as ‘day and night’ this means that the size of the air conditioner can only cool/heat the main areas during the day and then at night time all of the bedrooms. Basically the unit is sized to cool a maximum of half a house at any one time, if you were to try and open more zones this would affect the cooling capacity.

If you wanted to cool the entire home with all zones open then you would have to install considerable larger air conditioner which 10% of our clients choose, because of the cost factor in the installation and also running costs. 90% of our clients opt for the day and night use as it is much more cost effective to run.

Air in the room is cooled by the evaporator coil within the indoor unit, which is then distributed via a fan within the indoor unit to each separately zoned area via insulated ducting**. The return-air grille is an egg-crate style, ceiling mounted filter which is critical to both filtering the air flow and detecting temperatures to maintain optimal energy expenditure. Whilst every effort is made to position the grille away from highly visible areas, the ultimate position is determined for maximum operating efficiency of the system. The system operates via two main wall controllers (one main, brand supplied controller and one Advantage Air zone controller). The zone controller is mounted with the main controller to allow each zone to be switched on/off and adjustable air-flow separately. Keep in mind ducted air conditioning is a general temperature throughout the house which ultimately does not function like a separate split system in a room which can control the temperature 100%.  Ducted air conditioning has a variation in temperature and cannot be critically controlled as the main temperature sensor is usually in the return grille of the machine and will always have the override to control the air conditioning system above the zone control systems.

The zone controls used by our company are by Innovative Air Systems (Advantage Air), a wholly Australian owned and operated company.

The condensing unit is installed outside either on a separate concrete slab included in quote if required (if no other appropriate flat surface is available,) a wall bracket at an additional cost of $250 (may cause vibration on the wall which we cannot take responsibility for) or a third option would be a retaining wall installed with pre mixed concrete filled, at a cost of $380.  It is connected to the indoor unit via interconnecting pipe-work which carries the refrigerant. The compressor in the outdoor unit circulates the refrigerant between the indoor and the outdoor units.

*All our leading-brand systems used in residential applications come with a five year warranty 




§  Ten (10) year warranty on Fire Guard 2- Acoustic Flexible Ducting (Fully insulated to minimise thermal loss, complies to AS 4254 1995 AMDT.I- 1996 AS 1530-3 1989) (Warranty by Advantage Air)

§  Twelve (12) months on refrigerant gas leaks (Warranty by Aussie Air Conditioning)

§  Includes up to 3Kg of refrigerant free of charge, does not include call out fee or labour.

§  Five (5) year manufacturers standard warranty on air conditioning machine (Warranty by manufacturer)

§  Twelve (12) month warranty on workmanship, extended to five (5) years with annual servicing of the installed air conditioning unit by our licensed Aussie Air conditioning technicians (Standard service $250 incl. GST) within the air conditioning scope of installation. Does not include refrigerant leaks.

§  Five (5) year warranty on zone control system and zone motors. (Warranty by Advantage Air) Parts Only.

§  Five (5) year warranty on replacement zone control systems (including zone motors and wall controller) on parts only.  Labour and call-out will be charged at $145 + $65 per hour after the first hour to replace these parts (if software or error codes arise.) (Warranty by Advantage Air) Brisbane Area. Travel maybe charged if not in the Brisbane region at the discretion of Aussie Air Conditioning.

§  Labour charged by Aussie Air Conditioning if requested to replace parts and any other issues if not a installation problem.





Quote Terms


§  This quote is effective for thirty (30) days from the date received and thereafter may require review. Aussie Air conditioning Pty Ltd


§  If the building is in frame stage at the time of installation, we cannot take responsibility for any damage or performance related problems incurred to the system- and/or any materials supplied by Aussie Air conditioning Pty Ltd by building/renovation processes undertaken between stages of installations (retro-fit to final stage). Please note if any damages are incurred these may involve additional costs to repair.

§  We cannot take responsibility for any damage or performance related problems caused by ingress of any foreign matter or person, animal or plant or part thereof, vandalism, accident, flood, fire, lightning strike, negligence or any other external source.

§  In the event of heavy rain etc. installations may have to be re-scheduled due to safety regulations or structural constraints. If this is the case, we will inform you on the day and an alternative installation time/date will be arranged.

§  This quote assumes adequate space will be provided for all ducting and fittings.

§  Acceptance of quote confirmed with a 10% - 50% deposit, payment terms below.

§  On retro-fit (first stage) which is for building a home at frame stage, after the retro-fit is completed an additional 25% is to be paid (second Stage). Final 25% to be paid on completion ( third Stage) .

§   On completion stage (third stage) the unit is to be finished, commissioned with test run and setting up of zoning system. This includes a demonstration to the client who must be present on site.

§  Balance to be paid on completion same day.

§  For existing homes which is usually a two day job a 10%-50% deposit is required on acceptance of the quote and the balance is to be paid within completion of the installation same day.

§  All work with Aussie Air Conditioning has a corresponding QBCC contract which outlines all requirements, regulations, terms and conditions for the client and Aussie Air Conditioning PTY LTD this must be signed by the client and ourselves.


Standard Inclusions


§  Supply of chosen ducted air conditioning system including 1 x zoning control system and 1 x brand supplied air conditioning system

§  Installation of pipe-work and all interconnecting electrical and control cabling between all equipment supplied by Aussie Air conditioning (up to 20m) Standard installations rarely go over 20m

§  All ductwork and coverings

§  Refrigerant pipe-work (all systems incorporate the latest refrigerant R410A)

§  Standard round supply air registers (unless otherwise specified)

§  Supply and installation of return air grille(s) (unless otherwise specified)

§  Full commissioning

§  1 concrete slab (pre cast 800mm x 400mm) for outdoor unit only up to 14.5KW's as long as the ground is level and at the correct height.



§  Electrical power supply to chosen ducted air conditioning system unless specified that we are not doing it.

§  Installation of interconnecting wiring including to thermostat and controls

§  Single phase isolator for ducted system (20 Amp-32 Amp) (if required)




Standard Exclusions


§  Coloured duct-cover other than supplier issued (cream coloured duct-cover standard)

§  Additional electrical/pipe-work over 20m $25/p metre (Extra pipe work and electrical over standard installs in duct is $55.00 per meter. Extra pipe work and electrical over standard installs exposed i.e., saddled under floor or through ceiling cavity $25.00 per meter).

§  Painting, re-decorating or general carpentry i.e. patching from removal of units, boxing in ductwork, plaster work and/or building structural work etc. (if required)

§  Installation of condensate pump/s where gravity drainage is not possible

§  Penetrations through structures containing asbestos- ceiling to be checked for asbestos; client to have hole cut for outlets (if required)

§  Access to routine maintenance and service (standard service @ $250 incl. GST, recommended annually to maintain optimal functioning of your unit and also to extend workmanship warranty each year up to 5 years)

§  Internal insulation within ceiling space (please contact our office for a quote on insulation and ventilation)

§  To gain access through roof to install ducted air conditioning, tiles and tin roof is removed. Tile tie downs are not re-installed.  Sarking also has to be cut under the tile roof or tin. This is not re-installed unless a whole new piece is lapped over under the timber battens. This has to be requested if client wished this to be done at a charge of materials and labour, quoted on site at the time of installation.

§  Core drilling or any other non-standard penetrations

§  Any variations from the above and/or work not specified in this recommendation.

§  Ceiling nails may pop plaster which screws up and holds the ceiling sheets, they may not be properly screwed up to the roof trusses hard and when the installers are walking around above in the ceiling cavity sometimes causes the ceiling to crack or pop the plaster. We cannot be responsible for this when installing the ducted system. We always take as much care as possible to eliminate this happening.

§  When installing ducted air conditioning in two storey homes it is not our responsibility to cut any timber work through the floor joist to enable us to run ducting. This is the responsibility of the builder which also includes framing of droppers, sheeting, plaster work and painting.



§  Consumer mains upgrade/ three-phase power upgrade (if required)

§  Switchboard upgrade (if required)

§  Adequate power if not already in place





Other Considerations


This quotation and the related system KW capacities are based on the following assumptions:

§  Ceiling insulation with a minimum R2.5 rating together with ceiling ventilation is/will be installed. Good roof insulation is very important for refrigerated air conditioning as it helps maintain ideal energy output of the system. Please note: Lack of insulation may cause the outlets to 'sweat', damaging the ceiling during extremely hot weather conditions- Aussie Air-conditioning therefore cannot be held liable for repairs if such damage should occur. We would highly recommend roof ventilation as this reduces the equipment sweating in the roof space area and dripping on the ceiling, which may cause damage. If there is no roof ventilation 9 times out of 10 this will cause high humidity and sweating of the equipment.

§  All glass facing west/north west should be concealed with drapes/blinds or tinted, as heat produced from direct sunlight may cause an increase in the temperature of the area, which may in turn increase energy expenditure of the ducted system.

§  Unless otherwise requested or specified, bathrooms, laundry and toilets are not included in air-conditioned spaces.

§  Good roof ventilation to reduce and remove hot air from ceiling cavity, reducing the heat load on the machine and ducting. Recommended Mistro ventilator to be installed or whirly birds.

§  A minimum of 2-3 outlets should be on with fan speed on low up to a 14kw to help reduce air noise which will be noticeable. If you try to close more outlets and only have 1 on at a time this will increase the air volume, so if you only have 1 outlet on the noise level will become higher because you are forcing more air through 1 outlet, this is not recommended. Any system over 14kw to a 25kw should have a minimum of 3-4 outlets on at a time. In both cases above reducing to only one outlet will cause incorrect temperature readings and will affect how the unit performs.

§  Indoor noise from the return grilles, outlets or machine may have a low to medium noise level depending on situation which we cannot take responsibility for. We always try to design the system to help reduce noise levels which really inside the house is the same noise level as a ceiling fan.

§  Outdoor A/C unit are much quieter than older system however they still do make noise and this also depends on the size of the unit. We cannot take responsibility for this, consideration of location should be taken into account. The most suitable location will always be chosen to best suit noise at the same time this cannot always be possible.


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