Samsung 10kW 4 Way Cassette S Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Samsung Indoor NS1004PXEA

With a stylish design Samsung 4-Way Cassettes are great for residential and light commercial applications that require limited roof space.

10kW 4 Way Cassette S Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

The 2011 Samsung 4way Cassette S ceiling air conditioner features a new, improved design for easy maintenance. Weighing only 17 kilograms, the 4way Cassette S is 35 percent lighter than competitorsí products and is the lightest indoor unit in the industry.

With its improved design, the 4 Way Cassette S received an A/A grading from Eurovent, as well as 4.5 Coefficient of Performance (COP) and 4.8 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) values for its energy efficiency.

Additionally, the air conditioner includes an S-Plasma ion kit (Optional) that purifies and provides cleaner air quality by reducing biological contaminants and neutralizing the OH negative radicals. The S-Plasma ion technology also reduces airborne viruses such as subtype H1N1, bacteria and even allergens.


Cooling Capacity (kW)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Net Weight (kg)
Indoor Dimensions (WxHxD)
840 x 288 x 840 (mm)
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