Panasonic K1/K2 Type Wall Split 2.2kW VRF FSV Indoor Units


The K1-K2 wall mounted unit has a smooth stylish design with a washable front panel. Small, lightweight and low noise level makes it ideal for small offices and other commercial applications

K1/K2 Type Wall Split 2.2kW VRF FSV Indoor Units

Closed discharge port when not in use
Lighter and smaller units make installation easy • Quiet operation
Smooth and durable design
Piping outlet in six directions
Washable front panel
Air distribution is automatically altered depending on the operational mode of the unit
Anti-mould washable filters are included

Noise Reducing External Valve Kit
To reduce noise level of expansion valve. (Optional accessory)

Closed Discharge Port
When the unit is turned off, the flap closes completely to prevent entry of dust into the unit and to keep the equipment clean.

Compact Indoor Units Make The Installation Easy

Quiet Operation
Low operating noise level makes these units ideal for hotels and hospital applications.

Smooth And Durable Design
The smooth cover means these units match most modern interiors. Their compact size enables them to blend in, even in small spaces.

Piping Outlet In Six Directions
Piping outlet is possible in the six directions of: right, right rear, right bottom, left, left rear, left bottom, making installation easier.

Washable Front Panel
The indoor unit’s front panel can be easily removed and washed for trouble-free maintenance.

Air Distribution Is Automatically Adjusted Depending On The Operational Mode Of The Unit
Air outlet angle is automatically adjusted for cooling and heating operation.

- Self-diagnosing Function
- Automatic Fan Operation
- Mild dry
- Intelligent Auto Swing
- Automatic Restart Function
- Auto Swing (Auto Flap Control)


Weight (kg)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side / Gas Side (mm)
6.35 / 12.70
Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
290 x 870 x 214
Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L) - Cooling DB(A)
36 / 33 / 29
Air Flow Rate (H/M/L) - L/s
150 / 125 / 108
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity (kW)
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