Panasonic D1 Type 1 Way Cassette 4.5kW VRF FSV Indoor Unit


The D1 Type is a 1-way semi concealed slim cassette. It is designed for installation within the ceiling void and the quiet yet powerful fan can reach the floor up 4.2m from ceiling height.

D1 Type 1 Way Cassette 4.5kW VRF FSV Indoor Unit

Ultra-Slim profile
Suitable for standard and high ceilings
Built-in drain pump provides 590mm lift from ceiling • Easy to install and maintain
Hanging height can be easily adjusted
Uses a DC fan motor to improve energy efficiency

- Self-diagnosing Function
- Automatic Fan Operation
- Mild dry
- Intelligent Auto Swing
- Automatic Restart Function
- Auto Swing (Auto Flap Control)
- Built-in Drain Pump

Drain height
A built-in drain pump provides up to 590mm lift from ceiling height for flexible install options

With 3 types of air-blow systems, the units can be used in various ways.
(1) One-Direction “Down-Blow” System. Powerful one-direction “down-blow” system reaches the floor even from high ceilings (up to 4.2m).
(2) Two-Direction Ceiling-Mounted System. “Down-blow” and “front-blow” systems are combined in a ceiling- mounted unit to blow air over a wide area.
(3) One-Direction Ceiling-Mounted System. This powerful ceiling-mounted “front-blow” system efficiently air- conditions the space in front of the unit.


Weight (kg)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side / Gas Side (mm)
6.35 / 12.70
Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
200 x 1000 x 710
Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L) - DB(A)
36 / 35 / 34
Air Flow Rate (H/M/L) - L/s
200 / 183 / 167
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity (kW)
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