Panasonic 7.1kW Cassette Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Panasonic Indoor S-70PU1R5A Outdoor U-70PE1R5A

Cassette air conditioning is ideal for rooms which have no wall space for wall air conditioners because of floor to ceiling windows.

7.1kW Cassette Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Panasonic Inverter technology
Panasonic Inverter technology delivers substantial energy savings, to benefit the environment and your power bill. The Inverter allows up to 50% energy savings during cooling operation and 64% energy savings during heating. This revolutionary technology provides a more even room temperature, as it does not need to be constantly turned on and off. This means that the desired room temperature you set on the remote control will be maintained at all times, providing constant comfort all year round.

Compact and flexible design
Panasonic ducted systems have been designed with flexibility in mind. This is extremely helpful when designing a system for your home, and also makes installation much easier. A maximum piping length of up to 75m allows the system to be used in all buildings, no matter the size or shape. Both the indoor and outdoor unit are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport, and easy to install.

Precise power control
The intelligent Inverter feature provides the exact amount of power required to rapidly cool or heat your room, from the moment it is switched on. This enables your room to heat 4 times faster or cool 1.5 times faster than a non-Inverter model.

Built-in drain pump
A built-in high-lift drain pump provides lift up to 850mm from the ceiling surface, allowing the unit to be installed in almost all ceiling locations. The built- in drain pump also allows longer horizontal drain piping to be used.

Designed for Australian conditions
Now featuring an outstanding operating temperature range, cooling operation is possible even when it is a scorching 46C outside, which is perfect for Australia’s hot summer days. The heating operation is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing -20C outside, so even the coldest parts of Australia are covered.

So easy to use, install and maintain
Convenience is assured with a weekly On/Off timer (6 settings per day and 42 per week) wired remote control. Installation is also simple, thanks to the thin, lightweight design and long pipe distances, making large differences in elevation possible between the indoor and outdoor units.The airflow flaps can also be easily removed for cleaning.

- 7.1kW cooling, 8.0kW heating
- Panasonic Inverter technology
- Extremely high airflow


“Panasonic is the only air conditioning brand to have topped Canstar’s ratings three times! Once again we received a 5-star rating from Australian consumers, who are looking for energy efficient air conditioners.”
July 2017 - August 2016 - July 2014

“Panasonic has been rated 5 stars in Overall Customer Satisfaction for air conditioners, winning the Canstar Blue award for 2016.”


5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
Pipe Length - Min. ~ Max. (m)
5 ~ 50
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side / Gas Side (mm)
9.52 / 15.88
Sound Pressure Level - Indoor - Cooling- H / M / L (dB(A))
37 / 31 / 28
Air Volume - Indoor - Cool / Heat (L/s)
366 / 366
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg)
Weight - Indoor Unit (kg)
Outdoor Dimensions W X H X D (mm)
996 x 940 x 340
Indoor Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
256 x 840 x 840
Heating Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
2.0 ~ 9.0
Cooling Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW)
2.5 ~ 8.2
Electrical Voltage (V)
1 Phase
Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
S-70PU1R5A / U-70PE1R5A
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