Panasonic 22.4kW VRF 3 Pipe FSV MF2 Reverse Cycle Inverter


The MF2 Type is one of the most advanced VRF systems available. Not only offering high-efficiency and simultaneous heating and cooling, its sophisticated design makes maintenance much easier.

22.4kW VRF 3 Pipe FSV MF2 Reverse Cycle Inverter

New Solenoid Valve Kit Multiple Connection Port Type
With the new Panasonic Solenoid Valve Kit eld installation work becomes more easy. In fact, our latest technology is designed for new body packages with additional branch-kits and 3-way control PCB. Connection tubing for main refrigerant circuit line appears on both sides of the unit. This helps the system design and the piping layout becomes more exible.

Increased Maximum Number Of Connectable Indoor Units
The 3-PIPE MF2 series has four DC inverter outdoor units from 22.4kW to 40.0kW as do the basic models, and by combining up to three units, an air-conditioning capacity of 22.4kW to 118.0kW can be set according to the userís needs.

Long Piping Design
Adaptable to various building types and sizes Actual piping length: 180m
Max piping length: 500m

Excellent Energy Savings
The operation efficiency has been improved using highly efficient R410A refrigerant, new DC inverter compressor, new DC motor and new fan guard with low-loss wire guard. In addition, heat exchanger has been redesigned from 3-direction suction to 4-direction suction to efficiently distribute air speed.

Up To 40m Piping After First Branch
Up to 52 units can be connected to one system. Flexible piping layout makes it easier to design systems for locations such as train stations, airports, schools and hospitals.

Extended Operating Range
Cooling operation range:
The cooling operation range has been extended to -10 ̊C DB by changing the outdoor fan to an inverter type.
Heating operation range:
Stable heating operation even with an outside air temperature of -20 ̊C WB. The heating operation range has been extended to -20 ̊C WB by use of a compressor with a high-pressure vessel.
Wide temperature setting range
Wired remote control heating temperature setting range is 16 to 30įC

Compact Design
The new MF2 series has reduced the installation space required with up to 40.0kW available in a single chassis. 22.4kW - 40.0kW units are able to fit inside a lift for easy handling onsite.

High Performance Fan
Optimised air flow
High performance fan and bell-mouth reduces stress on the fan by dispersing air quickly. Thus, lower air resistance results in lower energy consumption
Noise reduction
Turbulence can be suppressed and the unwanted noise can be reduced. Even though a high speed fan is utilised, the noise level is still very low

High External Unit Static Pressure
Customisable onsite settings allow all models to provide up to 80Pa due to the high performance fan, fan guard, fan motor and casing. The flexible design allows connection of an air discharge duct to avoid a reduction inperformance due to a shortage of air circulation. This feature allows the outdoor unit to be installed inside balconies on every floor of tall buildings.

Extended Compressor Life By Uniform Compressor Operation Time
The total run-time of compressors are monitored by a built-in microcomputer, which ensures that operation times of all compressors within the same refrigerant circuit are balanced. Compressors with histories showing shorter run- times are selected first, ensuring equal wear and tear across all units and extending the working life of the system.

Demand Response
Featuring inverter control technology, all Panasonic FSV systems are Demand Response Management (DRM) ready. With this control, power consumption at times of peak load can be set in three steps to deliver optimum performance. This helps to reduce annual power consumption with minimal loss in comfort. Demand control terminal is available to control 0-50-75-100% of capacities. MF2 series features a DR terminal as standard (not a required option).

Anti-Corrosion Outdoor Unit
Corrosion-resistance treated for high resistance to rust and salty air assuring long-lasting performance.


Power Supply
415V / 3-phase / 50Hz
Weight (kg)
Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
1758 x 1000 x 930
Running Current - Cooling / Heating (A)
8.59 / 8.52
Air Flow Rate - L/s
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity (kW)
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