Panasonic 151kW Outoor 3 Phase VRF 2 Pipe FSV-EX ME2

U-10ME2R8 + U-12ME2R8 + U-16ME2R8 + U-16ME2R8

ME2 Type delivering energy-saving performance, powerful operation, reliability and comfort surpassing anything previously possible. It represents a true paradigm shift in air conditioning

151kW Outoor 3 Phase VRF 2 Pipe FSV-EX ME2

Extraordinary Energy-Saving Performance
1. Multiple large-capacity all inverter compressors
Two independently controlled inverter compressors achieve high efficiency. Redesigned components in the body provide performance improvement especially in the rated cooling condition and EER performance.
2. Enlarged heat exchanger surface area with triple surface
The new heat exchanger features a triple-surface construction. Compared to the divided dual-surface construction in current models, there is no division of space and the area for heat exchange is larger. Also, highly efficient piping pattern increases heat exchange performance by 5%.
Redesigned For Smooth Improved Air Discharge
3. Newly designed curved air discharge bell mouth for better aerodynamics
The new curved shape with integrated top and bottom assure smooth exhaust flow. This gives more air-volume with same sound level, less power input at same air-volume.
4. Large air discharge area with new ush surface top panel
To reduce air resistance, instead of a tubular fan design, a new large flat fan guard design, flush with the top panel, is employed. This design lead to the improvements in air resistance, but also contributed to better appearance designing.

A Large Number Of Indoor Units Can Be Connected
Up to 64 indoor units can be connected in a single system for ultimate design flexibility.

Increased Piping Length For Greater Design Flexibility
Adaptable to various building types and sizes
Actual piping length : 200m
Max piping length : 1000m

Connectable Indoor/Outdoor Unit Capacity Ratio Up To 130%
FSV systems attain maximum indoor unit connection capacity of up to 130% of the unitís connection range, depending on the outdoor and indoor models selected. So for a reasonable investment, FSV systems provide an ideal air conditioning solution for locations where full cooling/heating are not always required.

Excellent Energy Savings
The operation efficiency has been improved using highly efficient R410A refrigerant, new DC inverter compressor, and new heat exchanger design.

Up To 50m Length Difference Between The Longest And The Shortest Piping From The First Branch
Flexible piping layout makes it easier to design systems for locations such as train stations, airports, schools and hospitals.
- Up to 64 units can be connected to one system.
- Difference between maximum and minimum pipe runs after first branch can be a maximum of 50m.
- Larger pipe runs can be up to 200m.

Extended Operating Range
Cooling operation range:
-10DB to +52DB
Heating operation range:
Extended heating operation range enables heating even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -25*C. Using a wired remote control, indoor heating temperature range can be set from 16*C to 30*C

Compact Design
The new ME2 series has reduced the installation space required with up to 56.0kW available in a single chassis. 22.4kW - 28.0kW are able to fit inside a lift for easy handling on site.

Newly Designed Fan
Optimised air flow
Newly designed fan and bell-mouth reduces stress on the fan by dispersing air quickly. Thus, lower air resistance results in lower energy consumption.
Noise reduction
Turbulence can be suppressed and the unwanted noise can be reduced. Even though a high speed fan is utilised, the noise level is still very low.

High External Static Pressure On Condensers
With a newly designed fan, fan guard, motor, and casing, new models can be custom-installed on-site to provide up to 80Pa of external static pressure. An air discharge duct prevents shortages of air circulation, allowing outdoor units to be installed on every floor of a building.

Extended Compressor Life By Uniform Compressor Operation Time
The total run-time of compressors is monitored by a built-in microcomputer, which ensures that operation times of all compressors within the same refrigerant circuit are balanced.
Compressors with histories showing shorter run- times are selected first, ensuring equal wear and tear across all units and extending the working life of the system.

Demand Response
Featuring inverter control technology, all Panasonic FSV systems are Demand Response Management (DRM) ready. With this control, power consumption at times of peak load can be set in three steps to deliver optimum performance. This helps to reduce annual power consumption with minimal loss in comfort. Demand control terminal is available to control 0-50-75-100% of capacities. ME1 series features a DR terminal as standard
Flexible Demand Response with the CZ-CAPDC2
Setting is possible at 0% or in the range from 40 to 100% (in steps of 5%). At the time of shipping, setting has been finalised to the three steps of 0%, 70% and 100%.

Anti-Corrosion Outdoor Unit
Corrosion-resistance treated for high resistance to rust and salty air to assure long-lasting performance.


Power Supply
415V / 3-phase / 50Hz
Weight (kg)
Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
1842 x 4490 x 1000
Running Current - Cooling / Heating (A)
60.9 / 56.7
Air Flow Rate - L/s
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity (kW)
U-10ME2R8 + U-12ME2R8 + U-16ME2R8 + U-16ME2R8
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