Air Conditioning Mould & Cleaning


Mould spores can damage your health. Mould grows in damp, dull and poorly ventilated spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and air conditioners. Dust and dirt also helps mould grow. This is a large factor in mould growth and why you need to keep your air conditioner clean.

Hints to reduce mould

  • Keep bathroom walls dry—open doors and windows to allow air to circulate through the room.
  • Clean wet areas of your home, such as your bathroom, kitchen and laundry regularly. Wipe away moisture from windows, walls and near taps.
  • Allow sunlight into your home as much as possible, especially in wet areas.
  • Keep Air Conditioner filters clean
  • Regular air conditioning service and cleaning. Steam cleaning is the best way to keep mould reduced in your air conditioner.
  • Make sure clothes and shoes are dry before putting them away. Leave wardrobe doors open if possible.
  • Regularly clean carpets and rugs to prevent mould spores using a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuum cleaner. Many new vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters.
  • If water leaks or spills occur indoors, clean and dry the area immediately.
  • Check air conditioner drain outside to make sure it is not blocked.  Ants can block drains and cause electrical shot outs within the air conditioner, as they are attracted to the water within the unit.

  • Before Split Air Conditioner Steam Clean

    After Split Air Conditioner Steam Clean

How to remove mould

  • Use personal protective equipment, including half-face disposable respirators with P1 or P2 filters which are available at hardware stores, to avoid possible mould spore inhalation when cleaning.
  • Take additional precautions to prevent mould spore release and transmission by using drop sheets and excluding people not performing the work from the affected area.
  • Wipe the area clean with a micro fibre cloth and cleaning solution.
  • Use 2-buckets—1 bucket with the solution, and the other with clean water. Do not put the dirty cloth back in the solution—rinse it in the clean water first.  This avoids cross contamination.
  • After cleaning the area with the solution, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Do not use the same cloth you used with the solution.
  • Wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth.
  • When cleaning as air conditioner make sure to wear a P2 mask which will filter mould spores.
  • Book a steam clean to clean your wall split air conditioner. Aussie Air Conditioning offer steam cleaning services for air conditioning.

It’s important to use a different cloth with each process and throw them away after, otherwise the mould spores will spread and mould will reappear.

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