Panasonic U2 Type 4 Way Cassette 9.0kW VRF FSV Indoor Unit


The U2 Type provides a neat fit in the ceiling to match modern décor, and uniform cooling throughout the room, and easy installation.

U2 Type 4 Way Cassette 9.0kW VRF FSV Indoor Unit

New high performance turbo fan, new path system for heat exchanger
Lower noise in slow fan operation
Industry top light weight, easy piping
Easy installation structure of the panel
ECONAVI: Floor temperature and humidity sensor added. Activity amount detection and new circulator
nanoeTM: The first 10x for CAC (10 times more nanoeTM particle for wide commercial space). Inside cleaning by 10x nanoeTM + dry control

Flat Horizontal Design
The horizontal design of the 4-way cassette results in an elegant flat panel. Its slim design allows it to protrude only 33.5mm from the ceiling.

Drain Pump Of Up To 850mm From The Ceiling Surface
Built in drain pump allows flexible install and design options with up to 850mm lift. Long horizontal piping is also possible.

Easy To Clean Suction Grille
Suction grille is able to make 90-degree turns.

360 ̊ Wide & Comfortable Air Flow
Comfort air flow control and proper energy use. Flexible Air Flow direction control by individual flap control:
- 4 Flaps can be controlled individually (by standard wired remote controller*)
- Versatile air flow control to cover a wide variety of demands.

High Ceiling Installation (Up To 5m For 10.6kW And Higher Capacity Models)
The units can be installed in rooms with high ceilings, where they provide ample floor-level heating in the winter.

ECONAVI Panel Is Added Into The Line Up
Continues conventional functions (Energy saving & comfort) and the following have now been added:
- Energy saving function: comfortable energy saving based on temperature and humidity
- New circulate function that improves comfort
- Movement detection improves comfort

ECONAVI Energy Saving Function
A new humidity sensor added to the air suction part results in more comfort and energy saving functions.
Energy saving operation in case of low humidity during cooling operation
Energy saving operation in case of high humidity during heating operation

- Self-diagnosing Function
- Automatic Fan Operation
- Mild dry
- Intelligent Auto Swing
- Automatic Restart Function
- Auto Swing (Auto Flap Control)
- Built-in Drain Pump


Weight (kg)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side / Gas Side (mm)
9.52 / 15.88
Dimensions - H X W X D (mm)
319 x 840 x 840
Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L) - DB (A)
38 / 35 / 32
Air Flow Rate (H/M/L) - L/s
383 / 317 / 250
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity (kW)
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