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Heating Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Specials Brisbane Sale


Most Air Conditioner systems are now all reverse cycle inverter than the old R22 split systems that are non-inverter.  The air conditioning systems central and wall split are much more affordable and the best time to get a deal is over winter as demand is not as extreme than the hot summer months. Over the winter period throughout Brisbane all manufacturers also do incentive cash back such as Fujitsu and Panasonic giving up to $200 per Air conditioner. Combining a deal such as that with also the Peak Smart Rebate from Energex another $100-$400 per air conditioner these cost saving really start to add up.


Also the cost of the air conditioner is a lot cheaper over winter as well with slashed prices than what you would be paying in summer, as an example of the saving please see below of a few air conditioning specials that we currently have.  Also with all of our range systems such as Central Ducted Air Conditioner we use only the best brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Advantage Air Myair 5 our most popular zone control temperature system.





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