Choosing Between A Split Or Ducted Air Conditioning System

After having made the decision to install air conditioning into your home, the next big decision is whether you want a split of ducted air conditioning system. Each have their own benefits and limitations and the decision should be based on your lifestyle requirements as well as budget and personal preferences.

A split system air conditioner is typically an indoor unit (wall hung head unit) as well as an outdoor unit (the compressor) and is perfect for smaller houses where just one room needs to be cooled or heated. Split system air conditioners are typically cheaper to install than ducted air conditioner systems and have lower running costs due to their lower energy demands. One limitation of the system is that both the indoor and outdoor units are clearly visible and not as aesthetically appealing as a ducted system. Also, the split system only provides cooling/heating to the area that it was installed for, sometimes restricting you to that particular room. If budget is a concern, you have a smaller house or simply only need heating or cooling for a limited number of rooms then a split air conditioning system is perfect for you. Otherwise, the ducted air conditioning system offers a great option for those other circumstances.

Ducted air conditioning systems provide heating or cooling via an internal unit (fancoil) that is installed in the roof of a home. Ducts then run from this unit to a number of rooms, having the capacity to heat or cool the entire house. It is best for larger homes and/or for when you need to provide heating or cooling to your entire home and not just one room. It is more expensive to install and energy bills can be higher than a simple split system, however you are not restricted to one room and can instead move freely throughout your house to enjoy the comfort. With zone control, it is also possible to set different temperatures for different rooms. For example you can heat or cool your living room during the day, then switch it off and heat or cool your bedroom for night time. It is great for all year round temperature control as well. Simply set your desired temperature and leave it. The system will automatically cool or heat depending on what is required in order to meet the set temperature. It is also a discreet system where the ducts are hidden in the walls and the panels are barely noticeable.

Depending on your own individual needs, a split or ducted air conditioner system can be chosen. It is always important to choose a reputable Brisbane Air Conditioner installer such as Aussie Air Conditioning to ensure a quality product as well as installation. For any further information on what system to choose for your home, please contact us on 1300 76 06 07.

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