Mitsubishi Electric 8.0KW Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Inverter (Up To 4 Indoor Units)

Outdoor Unit MXZ-4E80VAD

The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi-Split System is designed to allow multiple indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit, enhancing exterior aesthetics by reducing outdoor units

8.0KW Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Inverter (Up To 4 Indoor Units)

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi-Split Systems fulfill the air conditioning needs of up to 8 rooms with a single outdoor unit. Perfect for apartments and two-storey homes.

Multi-head system ideal for outside areas that have minimal space with condenser being able to connect to multiple indoor units. You also have a choice of different indoor units, such as wall mounted, cassette, bulk head and floor type.

Mitsubishi Multi-Split systems allow the comfort you are seeking without the noise. Based on smooth operation and innovative features such as automatic selection of low-noise mode when operation load is low. Choose a wall-mounted model to create a comfortable space where noise levels allow for soothing peace and quiet.

Efficient operation is achieved through cooling/heating only the desired space, reducing waste by preventing air conditioning of areas where it's not needed. Using an individual air conditioner for each required space allows for a more economical performance. Combining this concept with the latest innovative inverter technologies, Mitsubishi are able to offer industry-leading levels of energy-efficient operation for both heating and cooling.


Model Name
Model Type
Cooling Capacity Rating KW
Cooling Capacity (Min - Max) KW
3.7 - 9.2
Sound Pressure Levels - Outdoor At 1m [Silent-High] (dBa)
48 - 51
Heating Capacity Rating KW
Heating Capacity (Min - Max) KW
3.4 - 11.8
Sound Pressure Levels - Outdoor At 1m (dBa)
48 - 51
Outdoor - Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)
796 x 950 x 330
Weight - Outdoor (kg)
Electrical Supply - Single Phase
230 volt/ Single Phase/ 50 Hertz - Outdoor Power Supply
Breaker Size - Single Phase (A)
Piping - Max Total Length (m)
Piping - Max Individual Circuit (m)
Piping - Max Height (m)
Guaranteed Operating Range - Cooling (C)
-10to 46
Guaranteed Operating Range - Heating (C)
-15 to 24
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