Air Conditioning Service Steam Cleaning Brisbane Split Systems

Aussie Air Conditioning in Brisbane have the most comprehensive Air Conditioning Services.

Our air conditioning services include Steam Cleaning of wall split air conditioning and are the first company to use this process. Repairs of air conditioning for ducted, wall splits, cassette and all other types of air conditioning. Re-gassing a domestic split systems, ducted air conditioning and commercials air conditioning. 

Steam cleaning wall split air conditioners is one of the best processes to clean an air conditioner. The mixture of hot water and steam will remove the worst build-up of mould and dirt off a coil evaporator that is located on the wall split system. Mould will grow within a 6 month period because of the high moisture in the air and is a perfect breeding area. So having the wall split air conditioner steam cleaned is ideal for health and also running costs.

We remove the filters and then plastic blades to allow us to get the steam cleaner nozzle right into the areas which would not normally be cleaned by other methods.
Each 1 Air conditioner will go through a full steam boiler allowing 5L of water and steam to strip away the dirt and mould.
The main drip tray is then flushed out with a bleach including the drain to outside.
We then thoroughly clean both front and rear filters.
As you can see in the link the pictures show a before and after steam cleaning a wall spit system indoor unit. Finally the wall split head unit is sprayed with a anti mould plus filters.

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