Advantage Air Ducted Air Conditioning: Diffusers To Suit Your Style

Diffusers are small vents that are fitted into the ceiling of a home for ducted air conditioning installations. They evenly distribute the air in the desired direction(s) all the while minimising noise. Many customers seek specific shapes and designs for these diffusers in order to have them blend into the aesthetic of particular rooms or the house as a whole. Advantage Air recognise this and provide a variety of sleek and modern designs to suit your needs.

The StreemLine Diffuser for example, has an adjustable 7-point setting system that allows you to diffuse cool air across the ceiling, or alternatively, hot air down into the room. Unlike diffusers from competitors, the blades flush with the ceiling and do not protrude into the room.

The Linear Elite Diffuser is a stylish diffuser designed to compliment modern homes and can also be used in conjunction with other diffusers. The Small Linear Diffuser is more compact in size on the other hand, which makes it perfect for wall applications. The Silhouette Diffuser ensures whisper quiet cooling by gently diffusing air to all corners of the room.

Adding a touch of style and class to any house is easy with the classic Airline Diffuser. It has an unobtrusive design and ensures that it compliments, rather than dominates, any room. Round Diffusers are also very popular. Being round in shape. They diffuse air equally to all parts of the room. They compliment round light fittings and downlights, ensuring minimum visual impact.

For more information on Advantage Air diffuser options for ducted air conditioning systems, please contact Brisbane installers Aussie Air Conditioning on 1300 76 06 97.

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