Home Air Conditioner Peak Smart Technology

May 2012

Energex in August 2012 are launching peak smart technology that can be installed in your home air conditioner which will reduce your running costs. Whern purchasing a air conditioner from us and having it installed by our technicians we can also give you the fantastic option of having a peak smart unit. Peak smart technology hepls the air conditioner cope with peak demands when used at this time. The in Built smart technology is activated by the device supplied by Energex and installed by us. This signal receiver allows Energex to send a remote signal to the in-built peak smart to tell the air conditioner to cap its Energy Consumption during peak demand periods. Normally a hand full of days per Year. Energex are offering a $250 gift card when having this technology installed. We do all the work and at a cost by us of only $195.00 inc gst to install the system, out of your own pocket you are actually ahead by $55.00. This evergy saving system costs you nothing and saves you energy in the long run. Please ask one of our friendly staff for more details.


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